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Taurus maintenance products

Taurus is the one-stop for all your cleaning products & equipment needs. Made in Namibia by Namibians is what we go by and all our cleaning detergents are manufactured right in Windhoek, Namibia

HDS 10/20-4M Classic

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner

HD 7/11-4 Classic

High Pressure Cleaner

HG 64

Hot Water Generator

TNT Truck & Trailer Wash

Car Wash Detergent

Car Wash Red

Car Wash Detergent

Triple Four

Engine Degreaser

Tar Remover

Heavy Duty Tar Remover

Cream Tar Remover

Tar Remover

Wypall X60 Brag Box


Silprolease Citrus Sweet & Sour

Silicone Emulsion

NT 22/1 Ap Te L

Wet & Dry Vacuum

Puzzi 10/1

Spray Extraction Cleaner

Lemon Breeze

Floor Detergent

Window Squeegee


Blue Skies

Window Cleaner

Woven Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre Cloths

WD 4

Wet & Dry Vacuum

WD 3

Wet & Dry Vacuum

K 2 Compact

High Pressure Cleaner

Happy Car Wash n Wax

Car Detergent & Wax

Yummy Citrus


Nu Grid

Abrasive Hand Cleaner

Floor Degreasing Powder

Degreasing Powder

Clean & Fresh

Hand Sanitiser