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Taurus maintenance products

Taurus is the one-stop for all your cleaning products & equipment needs. Made in Namibia by Namibians is what we go by and all our cleaning detergents are manufactured right in Windhoek, Namibia

Liquid Hand Soap

Hand Soap

Pearl Shower Gel

Hand Soap & Shower Gel

Nox Dispenser

Bulk Soap Dispenser


Hand Sanitising System


Antimicrobial Hand Soap


Elbow Operated Soap Dispenser

Wypall X80

Wiper Cloths

Scott Essential Dispenser

Rolled Towel Dispenser

Scott Control Slimroll Towel

Rolled Hand Towel

Kleenex Ultra Rolled Towel

Rolled Hand Towel


Toilet Seat Sanitiser

Ecoflex Delux

Hand Towel Dispenser

Aquarius Hand Cleanser Dispenser, Stainless Steel

Cleanser & Sanitiser Dispenser

Radiant HD140

Hand Dryer

Aquarius Folded Towel Dispenser

Folded Towel Dispenser

Scott Performance Folded Hand Towel

Folded Hand Towel

Aquarius Disposal Bin


Slimline Sanitary Disposal Bin

Sanitary Disposal Bin

Kleenex DeLuxe 2ply Wrapped

Toilet Tissue

Kleenex DeLuxe 2ply

Toilet Tissue

Rol TR2

Toilet Roll Holder

Rol MR 2

Toilet Roll Holder

Yummy Citrus


Handi Clean Lemon

Cream Bath & Tile Cleaner


General Purpose Cleaner

SC 2 EasyFix

Steam Cleaner

WVP 10

Window & Surface Cleaner

Taurus Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser