Cleaning Bucket List

Start 2021 clean and fresh with the Taurus Cleaning Bucket! Featuring everything you need to clean up your entire home after the holidays


500ml Scale Remover
Product Info 

Cleans: kettles, kitchen & bathroom fixtures, shower doors


500ml Dishwashing Liquid
Product Info

Cleans: dishes, cutlery, crockery

Handi Clean

500ml Bath & Tile Cleaner
Product Info

Cleans: countertops, baths & sinks, pots & pans

Flower Power

500g Spot Remover
Product Info 

Cleans: oil stains on cement, interlocks, pretreat collars & armpits on laundry

Pine Gel

500g GP Cleaner
Product Info

Cleans: floors, counters, toilets, showers, general purpose cleaning


500ml Floor Wash
Product Info

Cleans: all hard floors, carpets, upholstery, general purpose cleaning


500ml Disinfectant GP
Product Info 

Cleans: baths, basins, toilets, countertops, floors, handles & fixtures

Car Wash Red

500ml Car Wash Detergent
Product Info

Cleans: vehicle exteriors, general purpose cleaning outdoors 


500ml Citrus Silicone Emulsion
Product Info

Cleans: vehicle dashboards, steering wheels, bumpers, tyres

Shabba Delight

500ml Disinfectant GP
Product Info 

Cleans: ovens, stovetops, grills, braais, grease stained floors

Blue Skies

500ml Car Wash Detergent
Product Info

Cleans: windows, glass tops, mirrors, Perspex dividers & shields


Microfibre Cloth
Household Gloves
10L Cleaning Bucket

Available until 29 January 2021. While stocks lasts. For Windhoek, Swakopmund & Online


Cleaning Bucket

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