Trolleys & Roomcarts

Roomaid Cart

  • For all dirty linen with replacement of the new. Ideal for lodges and hotels alike.

Hotel Trolleys

  • Ideal for hotel laundry pick-up and fresh linen delivery

Janitorial Dry Trolley

  • Can be converted into a Janitorial Wet Trolley by attaching a Double Mopping System.

Janitorial Wet Trolley Combo

  • Can be converted to a Janitorial Dry Trolley bt detaching the Double Mopping Trolley.

Double Mop Trolley

  • Double mop trolley and nylon wringer consisting of a double mopping unit frame only, nylon wringer and 2x 25L Double bucket in Red and Blue.

Double Mop Trolley and Metal Wringer

The mopping system consists of a double mopping unit frame, large metal wringer, 25L double bucket in red and grey. Long lasting quality.

Metal Wringer

Strong highly durable metal wringer, to be used in single and double mopping systems.

Single Mopping System

Single mopping system: includes single 25L bucket in blue or red as well as metal wringer