Cleaning Consumables

Mop Complete 400g

  • Standard high quality mop complete 400g

Mop Head Only

  • Standard high quality mega mop head only 400g in size.

Bannister Brush

  • Soft PVC bannister brush

Hand Scrubbing Brush

  • Wooden hand scrubbing brush with natural fibre 275mm

Mop Sweeper Refill 400mm

  • Mop Sweeper Breakmop Sleeve with Pocket 400mm

Mop Sweeper Frame 400g

  • Dustmop Sweeper Frame 400mm

Mop Sweeper Refill Blue

  • Mop Sweeper Sleeve Blue 600mm and 800mm

Dust Pan Metal

  • Metal Dust Pan

Hard Broom 305mm

  • Platform hard broom 305mm

Hard Broom 460mm

  • Hard Platform Broom 460mm in size


Hard Broom 610mm

  • Hard Platform Broom 610 mm in size

Platform Broom 460mm

  • Platform broom 450mm soft

Platform Broom 610

  • Platform broom 610mm soft.

Toilet Brush Set

  • Toilet brush in upright plastic cover

Deck Broom

  • Deck Broom/ Scrub 255mm

Feather Duster Short

  • Feather duster short 450mm

Feather Duster- Long

  • Feather Duster 1800mm long

Fan Mop Clip

  • Socket fan mop clip, plastic mop holder.

Plastic Coated Handle

  • Plastic coated wooden handles available in blue and red. In sizes 1.5m x 25mm and 1.2mm x 22mm.

Snap Lock

  • Socket snap lock