Tyre Fix

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Wynn’s Tyre Fix is a great emergency product which will re-inflate and seal a puncture without having to jack up the vehicle or remove the wheel. Works in both tube and tubeless tyres. Simply follow the easy instructions to connect the product, inflate and seal the puncture.

Ideal for all vehicles, bikes, boat trailers, caravans and 4X4’s.

Case size: 12 x 285g
Case sizeL 12 x 480g

Key Benefits

  • Repairs puncture by sealing the hole from the inside
  • Re-inflates tyre to enable immediate driving
  • Easy to use - No removal of wheel required
  • Quick, convenient and safe
  • Will not damage the tyre in any way


  • Cars, bikes, quads, trailers, bicycles, caravans etc.
  • Emergency tyre repair in unsafe or remote places
  • Ideal if unable to remove wheel, or no spare tyre

Directions for use

  1. Move tyre valve to just before or after the highest point
  2. Remove object causing leak
  3. Deflate tyre completely
  4. Shake container well
  5. Connect end of the connector to the tyre valve
  6. Inflate to pressure