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80th Anniversary Special Edition. Wynn's Petrol Total Action Treatment is a strong chemical treatment for petrol engines which cleans the entire fuel system with a highly concentrated formula to restore the efficiency of combustion and the efficiency of the catalytic converter.

Case size: 12 x 375ml

Key Benefits

  • Triple action cleaning: before, during and after combustion
  • Reduces CO and HC emissions and exhaust smoke
  • Improves combustion, engine performance and fuel economy
  • Our fastest acting product for complete cleaning of the entire fuel system
  • Instantly cleans and lubricates the injectors, restores and maintains ideal injector spray pattern
  • Prvents clogging of the EGR Valve
  • Cleans the catalytic converter and gasoline particulate filter
  • Compatible with all petrol system components including catalytic converters


  • All petrol engines including indirect & direct injection and hybrid engines
  • For petrol and bio petrol up to E10

Directions for use

  • Add bottle to the petrol tank containing minimum 20 Litres of petrol
Case size 12 x 375ml
Physical state Liquid
Density @20°C 821 kg/m³
Colour Clear
Flash point 39°C
Odour Characteristic
MSDS Not yet available
Barcode -