Cleaning Bucket

Taurus Manufacturing
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The Taurus Cleaning Bucket consists of:

  • 1x 500ml Mitsuki descaler
  • 1x 500ml BioDish dishwashing liquid
  • 1x 500ml Handi Clean Lemon bath & tile cleaner
  • 1x 500g Flower Power spot remover
  • 1x 500g Pine Gel GP cleaner
  • 1x 500ml Floorfresh Lavender floor wash
  • 1x 500ml Tauratol disinfectant cleaner
  • 1x 500ml Car Wash Red car wash detergent
  • 1x 500ml Shabba Delight oven & grill cleaner
  • 1x 500ml Blue Skies window cleaner
  • 1x Microfibre cloth
  • 1x Household yellow gloves
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