About Us


Taurus Maintenance Products is a Namibian company manufacturing, supplying and servicing a wide range of products for trade, industry and mines. March 2016 marked 35 years of successfully operating in Namibia.  

Taurus Maintenance is Namibia’s leading supplier of cleaning products and maintenance equipment to a wide range of industries including contract cleaning, hospitality, mining, construction, health care, automotive, agriculture and retail.

Industrial Cleaning Products, Chemicals and Cleaning Equipment

  Taurus Chemicals such as floor cleaners, engine cleaners, hand cleaners, drain and toilet cleaners, dishwashing detergents, laundry washing powders and many more. These items are manufactured by us in our factory in Windhoek. Safety data sheets for all chemicals and consumables are available upon request.
  Kärcher cleaning equipment such as hot and cold water high pressure cleaner, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers and sweepers, spray extraction cleaners for carpets and upholstery, and polishing and scrubbing machines. maintenance and repair can be done by our own workshop in Windhoek with factory trained and qualified technicians.
  Kimberly-Clark paper and soap dispensers; a full range of Kimberly-Clark paper products such as wipe rolls, hand towels, toilet tissues, colour coded wipes, etc.; as well as safety apparel such as gloves, liquid and particle-proof coveralls, respirators, etc.
  Serra hygiene products such as hand drying systems, wall bins, soap dispensers, theft and vandal-proof toilet paper holders, air freshener dispensers and other washroom accessories.
  3M matting solutions such as anti-slip safety matting, dirt and dust stopping mats, heavy duty oil resistant mats, etc.; and maintenance cleaning pads such as red buffing pads, black scrubbing pads, heavy and light duty scourers, etc.
  Cleaning Consumables such as single and double mopping trolleys, janitorial trolleys, wet floor signs, window cleaning kits, various mops, workshop and platform brooms, floor squeegees, deck scrubbers, sterilized rags, cotton waste, paper wipe rolls, fabric wipes, etc.

Industrial Repair and Maintenance Products

  Elite range of repair and maintenance products for Mining, Quarrying and General Engineering. Liquid, heat and wear resistant resins, putties and adhesives.
  Fixopur range of multi-purpose Polyurethane based foams for sealing, filling, bonding, insulating and dust and sound proofing.
  Spillsorb absorbent for oil, fuel, solvent, paint and acid spills caused by equipment or leakages etc.
  Wynn's automotive car care and accessory range of products; as well as Wynn’s industrial lubricants such as chain lube and viscotene, copper-grease, extreme pressure bearing grease, superior rubber grease, multi-purpose grease, etc. For resale only.

Sealants including silicone sealants and silicone oils, as well as acrylic sealants. Adhesives. A complete range of adhesives from epoxy, acrylic and contact adhesives to cold glues and super glues, to locking compounds (e.g. nut lock, stud lock, bearing fit)

  Penetrating and lubricating oils. A wide range including non-flammable penetrating oils (aerosol and liquid), as well as specialised lubricants for application in mining such as open gear and wire rope lubricants.
  Aerolak range of aerosol spray paints including metallic spray paints and high heat spray paints.


  Stockist of a range of watercoolers (bottle and fountain type) as well as water purifiers.