T 350 Patio Cleaner

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Surface Cleaner

The Kärcher T350 patio cleaner allows you to clean large areas quickly and efficiently, as well as being splash-free. This model includes adjustable cleaning pressure for different surfaces. Part no. 2.643-252.0

Splash guard allows for splash free cleaning.
Suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Pressure is adjustable for different cleaning tasks.

Product Video

With the Kärcher T350 patio cleaner, large outdoor surfaces can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. The twin-jet rotation arm ensures dirt removal on large surfaces, when compared to cleaning with a spray lance, cleaning time is reduced by about half. The T350 hood reliably protects the spray jets and the surroundings against spray water. Thanks to the so-called hovercraft effect, the T350 patio cleaner is particularly easy to manoeuvre. The Kärcher T350 patio cleaner features continuous pressure adjustment, this means that hard surfaces such as stone and concrete as well as more sensitive surfaces such as wood can be cleaned according to requirements. An ergonomic handle ensures that vertical surfaces such as garage doors can be optimally cleaned. The T350 is suitable for all Kärcher Home & Garden pressure washers, classes K 2 – K 7.

Features & Benefits

  • Two rotating flat jet nozzles provide good area performance
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Splash guard allows for splash free cleaning
  • Pressure is adjustable for different cleaning tasks
  • Cleaner hovers overs the surface
  • Handle for cleaning vertical surfaces

Compatible machines

  • K 2 Compact
  • K 2.21 M
  • K 2.360
  • K 3 Full Control
  • K 4 Full Control
  • K 5 Compact
  • K 5 Full Control
  • K 5 Premium
  • K 7

Application areas

  • Cleaning areas around the home and garden
  • Cleaning around pool area
  • Cleaning patios (stone, wood)
  • Cleaning garage doors and floors
  • Cleaning of (house) facades
  • Cleaning driveways
  • Cleaning walls/garden walls
  • Cleaning of paths
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions L712 x W280 x H971 mm
Quantity 1 complete set
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